Mother’s House Blog #1

21 08 2010

Everyone working on the set of "Mother's House" (Photo Provided by:Kelly Marsh)

Hey everyone. As you all know, the shooting for Mother’s House has been completed. While this was the first project for most of the crew members, it was also a fun learning experience and a great journey. There was never a dull moment as everyone was having fun working together and enjoying each other’s company. And as I’m writing this, our director is going through and organizing every clip that was taken and yours truly is working on the “making of…..” featurette.

The goal is to have the film finished and ready to go by the holiday season. While that seems to be far away, there will be weekly updates on the project leading up to the release date. Also in the works is the Mother’s House youtube page,which will showcase clips ranging from life on the set during production as well as footage of everything that goes on even after the release of the movie. With so much going on, the wait for therelease will not feel so long.

For those who don’t know about Mother’s House, it’s a short film starring Katherine Erbe and Tim Guinee. Follow the movie on facebook:, check the website of the production company: And once you become a fan, get your friends to become fans and be a part of the Mother’s House experience!




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