My trip to the Hudson Valley Ribfest

22 08 2010

The Hudson Valley Ribfest

Hey everyone. I hope you enjoyed your lovely Saturday as I did. If you happen to live in the Hudson Valley, there’s also a special event going on. That event happens to be the Hudson Valley Ribfest. While this is the sixth year in the row for this event, this is the first year where I got the chance to see what made this event so special.

This is one of so many vendors. I have to's a very big pig.

For those that don’t know, the Hudson Valley Ribfest is an annual event where teams from all parts of the northeast compete to see who has the best BBQ food. Winners of the competition will then go on to compete in the nationals in Kansas City. And along with chowing down on delicious food, the people attending also get treated to music from local bands, cooking demonstrations, and games.  The event lasts through the weekend so if you happened to miss out today, you can still come on sunday to get a chance to sink your teeth into some delicious ribs!

Delicious Ribs (Courtesy of Elia's)

They were so many places to choose from in order to get some good food.  Unfortunately, lines were long and I didn’t have much time, so I only managed to try some ribs from one place, which was Elia’s ( In my opinion, what made this vendor stand out from the others was that they had people personally interacting with the attendees. When I walked by their stand, they had two employees nearby who would tell everyone about the company, where they were located, and what they served. They were very friendly to me when I asked questions about their eatery. At that point, I was already convinced to get on line to get a taste of their ribs just because of their great customer service. I have to say, their ribs were easily among the best ribs that I have ever tasted. Each rib had so much meat and the sauce was just amazing. When I finished eating, I actually went back to that stand and praised that employee for the good ribs along with being friendly and courteous towards me.

A Good Logo that I had to take a picture of.

Overall, I had a good time. If I had more time, I would’ve tried some ribs from the other stands. The people I met were friendly, the music was perfect for the event, and everyone was having fun. If you missed out today, tomorrow is another day as the gates open at 11am on sunday. Admission is only $5. Based on my experience, I believe that the $5 is worth it.




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