Mother’s House Blog #3: The Actual House

3 09 2010

"Mother's House"

Hey everyone. Welcome to my third blog on Mother’s House. This time around, I’m going to talk a little bit about the actual house. Recently, people have been asking me how it felt to be on a film set for the first time. Usually, I tell them that it was an exciting experience as I learned how a movie was made and how I made plenty of new friends. Then the next question I would sometimes get is,”how was it being inside the house?” Well, I figured that I would take this time to give my answer.

What the boy's room looked like before production.

The Master Bedroom before production.

Unlike some of the crew members, I had the chance to see the inside of the house before the production designer converted it into “Mother’s House.” Just to let you know, the house has been around for a long time (I was told it’s been around since the 1860’s, but that hasn’t been confirmed). Some of the paint on the walls were already peeling, making it easier for the art department to make the house look old. However, the house overall had a lovely aura. In some cases, I can easily picture Tim’s mother living in the house, as I was walking through each room.

Our very own Jesika Farkas going to work.

The process of creating “Mother’s House” was interesting. Along with painting the walls a different color, our production designer sprayed tea onto the wall to make the cracks stand out. Once the walls were ready, the props were bought in. It amazes me how much a set can stand out just by the amount of props. Before the furniture, pictures, and other items were bought in, the house looked good enough to convince anyone that an old lady lived there. But once the props were added, there’s no way anyone would think otherwise. Another amazing thing about getting the house ready was that it took about a week to do so. With the amount of props that were used, that’s an amazing feat. Being inside the house was a good experience for me. The only downside was that moving around was hard with so many crew members in the house. But other than that, it was fun to experience what it felt like to live in a old house.

The house is ready to go.

Well that’s the end of blog number 3. Just to give you an update, the organizing of the clips is nearly done. It will only be a matter of time until the editing process begins. Also, Mother’s House will soon have a youtube page coming, so you’ll soon actually see what’s going with the project as well as see some clips of life on the set. So for now, have a great weekend and blog 4 will come to you next week.

Hmmm....This bear looks familiar.




2 responses

4 09 2010

Hey, Chris, really nice work! Thanks so much for keeping the blogs coming. We’re slowly building buzz – by January 2011, everybody in America will be hearing about Mother’s House! Thanks for the great photos & stories.

4 09 2010
Davis Hall

Thanks, Chris. Just about to start the editing process. Actually I’ve started but I’m just learning Final Cut Pro.

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