Mother’s House Blog #4: A few updates

20 09 2010

Life on the set of "Mother's House."

Hey everyone. Sorry about that this didn’t come out sooner. I recently have been working in the city and been occupied with a few other things. Before I get into Mother’s House, just a quick reminder. The woodstock film festival is coming up. It’ll be from sept. 29th to Oct. 3rd. If you happen to come by, I’ll be volunteering as well as a few other people who worked on “Mother’s House.” So I hope to see some of you there.

Concerning Mother’s House, we’re almost there!!! The editing process is nearly done and now the process of providing a score is underway as multiple candidates are being looked at. Once the music is done, then the movie will almost be ready to go. While the game plan is to have the movie ready in time for the holidays, I’ve been told that there will be screening for the crew before the actual release, sometime in November. So to the crew members that were a part of this project, you now have another reason to be excited for the holiday season!

Expect to see some goofing around in the "Making of Mother's House."

Concerning the making of video, I’m currently am still working on it. Right now, I’m just about done going through every single clip to see which ones will make the cut. Being that I have so much good footage, the process is real tough. But I can assure you that the video will focus on everyone goofing around on the set and having a good time. Any footage that doesn’t make the video will most likely go on the mother’s house youtube page.

Speaking of the youtube page, it’s nearly ready to go. The only thing that has to be done now is to post videos! Most likely, the trailer will be the first video posted as that is nearly done. And then eventually, any footage that doesn’t make the cut for the “making of…” video will be posted up as well.

Right now, the whole process of making a movie is getting close to the end. Then shortly around the corner, the process of getting the movie to play in festivals will begin. I’m sure that everyone is getting excited for “Mother’s House” and can’t wait for the release. Once I find out the exact date that the movie will be released, I will let you know about it. So until next time, cya!

*One more minor note. I just looked at the mother’s house facebook page, I see we have nearly 190 fans! So if you guys can, let some of your friends know about the film and if they want to be fans themselves, tell them to follow this link: Mother’s House Facebook Page.




One response

21 09 2010

Hey, Chris!
I can’t believe you had time to blog – your schedule is crazy busy! Thanks for the shout-out, and yes, it’s true… we’re forging ahead with edit, music, trailer and everything else. “Mother’s House” is looking very good.
Woodstock Film Festival will be GREAT this year. My new friend Edie Falco is doing a panel discussion AND appearing in “Three Backyards”, a terrific film by my old friend Eric Mendelsohn. Don’t miss it!

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