Mother’s House Blog #6: Part One of the Crew

3 11 2010

Hey everyone. Weeks after the first video has been posted on the Mother’s House youtube page, the second video is ready to go. For the first time, everyone will get the chance to see some footage of the crew working on the set of the movie. As most people are unaware, shooting this movie required the right mixture of people in order to make this all possible. Ingrid and Davis recruited friends from previous projects such as Michael Franklin and Roger Grange  to provide experience and vision. And while experience is always a valuable asset to have, youth is needed to bring energy and a fun atmosphere.

Sorry this blog took so long to post. This week has been a busy yet fun week for me. I’m going to be a background character in the movie, “The Art of Love.” So I’m currently getting ready for that. Also, this upcoming sunday, I’m going to be following Jared Fogle around as I’ll be PAing for the NYC marathon. So as you can see, I have a busy week ahead of me. But before I go into more Mother’s House news, I would like to thank both Michael Franklin and Laurent Retjo for making these opportunities possible for me. It’s always a good sign when you have people looking out for you.

Now concerning Mother’s House, the trailer is nearly done. When I last spoke to Ingrid, all the trailer needs is the music to go along with the video. So within the near future, the trailer will be posted on the Mother’s House youtube page. Also within the near future, part two of the Mother’s House crew video will be posted as the focus will be turned the young college students from Emerson. So for now, enjoy part one. And I’ll see you guys next time!




One response

18 11 2010

Cool. I am looking forward to seeing Mothers House….

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