Mother’s House Blog #7: A Slice of Fried Gold

13 12 2010

Hey everyone. Welcome to blog #7. I’m guessing you are wondering where I’ve been the whole time. Well, between PAing for a few movies and trying to apply to PA for a few shows, I haven’t had time to blog on a consistent basis. But lately, I had free time to spare so now I’ve just uploaded the next video on the Mother’s House youtube page.

I was given the opportunity to tape footage of the crew as they worked on the set of Mother’s House. It took nine days (I was there for eight of those days), but a lot has happened during that time period. This footage was taken from the first day. Since everyone was getting used to each other for the first time, the video may seem short to some. However, as I will eventually upload footage from later in the week, the crew members got more comfortable with each other and that’s when the funny moments start happening.

Before I sign off, remember to check out the Mother’s House Kickstarter page (  If you want to make a donation, just follow the directions on the  page and you should be fine. Also remember to follow Mother’s House on facebook ( So for now, I’m signing off. Until next time, see ya!





One response

13 12 2010

Amazing…I can’t wait for more. You all must be so excited to see this baby grow.

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