Maybe Tomorrow Blog #1: Shooting in Southampton

7 03 2011

Hey everyone. After a long hiatus, I’m back to excite you with all that has been going with my life and all the projects that I’ve been involved with. I know that most of you are wondering about the status of Mother’s House. As of right now, the film is ready to go and the producers are now using Without a Box to make submissions to upcoming film festivals. But before the masses get the view the movie, the people who helped make it get a special screening sometime in the month of April. And also, more videos will be posted on the movie’s youtube page sometime within the next few weeks. So be sure to stay tuned.

Director/Actor Michael Wolfe (L) and 1st Assistant Director Michael Chandler (R) viewing the monitor. (Photo provided by Sarah Flanagan)

If you look at the title of this blog and the above picture, you could tell that I’ve been involved in another project. During the past week, I was the key production assistant for the film, “Maybe Tomorrow.” The movie is directed by Michael Wolfe and stars the director himself as well as Paul Lange, Dominik Tiefenthaler, Carolina Ravassa, and Caitlin Norton . While the producers want to keep the plot a secret, the movie centers on three friends that go through events that will test their friendship as well as their relationship with those around them.

DP Gus Sacks (L) and the crew preparing the set (Photo provided by Sarah Flanagan)

I currently joined the crew as the project was in the second week of production. During that time, shooting took place in a beach house in Southampton, NY. With this being my first time in the area, I was amazed by how beautiful Southampton was. The local residents were friendly and laid back and the beach house was amazing in itself. If the weather was warmer, I would have spent time walking on the beach that was right behind the house. But I enjoy my time working with the crew. I was able to acquaint with people I met in the past and got to know the people I interacted with for the very first time. But even though the second week has wrapped up, there’s still one more week for us to work together. And we get to shoot in New York City and in Newark this week. So there will be plenty more blog posts about this project along the way as well as background stories on the people involved. So until the next post, see ya later!




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