Maybe Tomorrow Blog #3:Five Questions with Carolina Ravassa

27 03 2011

Carolina Ravassa. In "Maybe Tomorrow," she plays Kiah.


Hey everyone. Welcome to the third blog of the film, “Maybe Tomorrow.” The last time I posted, I had Michael Wolfe answer a few questions about the film and what it was like to be a director for the first time.  This time around, I got Carolina Ravassa to answer some questions.

Some of you may be able to recognize Carolina. She played Kristin in the movie, Step Up 3d, as shown above. She has appeared in multiple independent films, theatre plays, and a couple daytime soap operas. Along with being a great actress, Carolina can speak multiple languages and is a very good latin dancer. She has her own website, which is: There, you can learn more about the aspiring actress and view some of her acting reels. So right now, I’m gonna stop myself and let Carolina talk about working on Maybe Tomorrow.

Carolina and Michael on the set of "Maybe Tomorrow."


Question #1: How was it working with Michael Wolfe?

“Since I met Michael I knew he was a driven individual, so I knew exactly what I was getting into when I auditioned. I had a wonderful time working with him. As a director he always gave me great feedback and adjustments for the next take, he listened to me when I thought something could be done differently and he gave me some important insight that made me better understand my character. I think he´s a very intelligent and witty person, so it was always a pleasure being on set with him. It was also great to play opposite him because as an actor he gave me a lot to work off of. I would definitely sign up for his next project!”

Question #2: In the movie, you play the girlfriend of Michael’s character and I’m sure viewers will see that she stands out from the main characters. Was it hard to figure out how to play your character?

“I think the first thing to understand is that you can never judge your character, and I didn´t. I tried to find ways to admire her and understand why she did the things she did. It wasn´t hard to figure her out, it was just challenging to find the right way to portray her so that the audience sees her depth. She´s not just about drugs and alcohol, she´s just like anyone of us, looking for love, compassion, understanding and fun! I definitely did a lot of research to understand how the drugs and alcohol would affect her actions, because I´m actually all the opposite of her and her vices, so that took some inventive moments and letting the moment flow while rehearsing to discover what would happen next.”

Question #3: On your website, it mentions on your website that you do dancing and you have a dance reel. Have you tried to talk Michael into having your character do some dancing at some point in the film?

“I do a lot of latin dancing, definitely not pole dancing or stripping, which is what Kiah does. I did not talk to ¨Lord Wolfe¨ about it because her dancing isn´t necessarily important in the movie. It´s how she pays her bills, but it´s not by any means her goal in life, so I didn´t feel it would add much to the script. Perhaps in our sequel!”

Question #4: With some projects, you gain knowledge or learn something that will help you in the future. Did that happen with you when working on Maybe Tomorrow?

“I learned so much! I think what stuck with me the most was seeing this project come to fruition and see how it grew from a few words on a page, to getting all the funding, to getting a great crew, to actually making it happen! It gives me so much faith in artists and it reminds me that we can definitely do what we want to if we set our minds to it. Mike is a perfect example of someone who started with nothing and ended up with a fantastic film. I also learned it´s important to be patient on set! Just breathe through the tough moments and eventually it all gets resolved:)”

Sarah Wood working on Michael Wolfe.

Question #5: If you can describe your time on the set in one word, what would it be?

That’s one of my greatest lines in the film- one long word!

So next week, I’ll have another cast or crew member answer questions about Maybe Tomorrow as the film is now in the beginning stages of post production. For now, be sure to check out Carolina’s website ( and check my blog later this week as they will be updates from other projects that I’ve been involved in. So until next time, see ya later!




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