Blast from the past: Hudson Valley Renegades All-Access Pass

1 04 2011

Hey everyone. This week has been a slow week for me. I’m currently looking for PA jobs and I’m waiting to hear back from a few places. But this weekend will make everything feel better. On Saturday, Mother’s House is holding a special screening for cast and crew members and on Sunday, I’ll be in Central Park to work the More Magazine ǀ Fitness Magazine Women’s Half Marathon.

So I said before, this has been a slow week for me. I spent most of my time job searching and looking at random youtube clips. From time to time, I’ll look on my own page to see how my videos are doing. Then I’ll go on other pages to see their creativity and think about how I could apply some of their ideas for my videos. In some cases, I’ll look at videos I’ve done in the past and compare them to the work I’ve done recently.

Before I worked on Mother’s House, I interned for the Hudson Valley Renegades. For those who don’t know, the Renegades are a minor league baseball in Wappingers Falls. Now some of you are wondering how I went from a minor league baseball team to working on film sets. Well, it was the staff members I met that encouraged me to go into this field. In a way, working there is similar to working on a film set. When working on game days,there can be stretches where you work almost 12 hours a day for consecutive days, just like on a film set. You have people who deal with different aspects of the company, just like on a film set with multiple departments. And there’s always unexpected events that can cause havoc, just like on film set. However, in both cases, you meet new people, make new friends, and learn things that can help you in the future.

I worked for the Renegades during the 2009 season. Before the season, I came up with an idea of doing a weekly thing for the team’s youtube page. I discussed this with Rick (Director of Media Relations) and he suggested that I do something where I highlight the players and the manager. It was a good idea. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to try that route because of so much going on. But, I eventually decided to focus on the promotions that occurred between innings and staff members that made it all possible.

I first called the series, “Hudson Valley Renegades: All-Access Pass.” It was suppose to be a working title since I felt I could’ve came up with a better name. But every idea I came up with just sounded too corny so I just left the title as is. What I loved about doing this project was that it helped me deal with the unexpected. Before I started, I had a vision of I wanted each episode to focus on and when I wanted it to happen. But just like in working in film, things happen that cause you to change plans. I ended up doing seven episodes. When the season was nearing the end, I had to cut the series short as we were little understaffed and everyone was needed to help out.  But I’m happy with the work I’ve done and I feel that doing the series help jump start my path into the field of production. For everyone that I’ve told about this but never saw the videos, I listed them all in order of appearance for ya:

This was the first episode. I actually rode the car with him before, but I forgot to ask him to talk about the Honda ball toss. It was weird riding the passenger seat with thousands of people throwing balls at you. One time, this guy was trying to heave the ball through my window and somehow missed my head. So after I shot this, I rode with him on one more occasion and that was it.

One of the promotions the team did involved showcasing a different dog from a local shelter. If fans are interested, they could inquire about the dog that was shown and possibly adopt that dog. At this time, I already did the Honda Ball toss and no other promotions stood out as much as this one. At one point, there was a period time where they didn’t do the promotion and I feared going a week without posting up an episode. Then one game, I was walking around the stadium and noticed Kaitlin with a group of dogs. “Chris, I’m gonna go on the field pretty soon if you want to tape this.” She said something to that extent so I ended up taping her and the dogs walking on the field and the fans interacting with the dogs.

It was on July 3rd and I was in the PA booth for most of the game. I had no idea what I wanted to do for this week’s episode. I was originally suppose to do an episode on the Director of Media Relations but it was looking like it wasn’t going to happen. So at the end of the sixth inning, one of the staff members was doing a promotion dressed as flower boy. Andy (my supervisor at the time) suggested to me that I should go down and tape the whole thing. After I did that, I tried to interview the man behind “Flower Boy” but he had too much work to do. So what I decided to do was have a few other interns talk about Flower Boy. But instead of a regular interview, I asked them to make up funny answers to the questions I asked. Among all the episodes, this was among the popular ones.

This was the only episode where I used two cameras. I used the team’s camera and placed it in the radio booth. Because there was not enough space for a tripod, I had to use a a small empty cardboard box and modify it a little bit to angle it up at the broadcasters. The second camera I bought from home and I filmed the on field action. The only thing was I forgot to bring the battery charger with me and there hardly any battery life left in it. So instead of taping the whole game, I ended up taping only the first and last inning. Geoff loved the video when I made it and so did his mom (according to the email he sent me the day the video was uploaded).

Out of all the episodes, this was the one that I had fun. When I mentioned to a couple to them that I wanted to do an episode on them, they were excited and some actually hounded me to do an interview. They enjoyed what they did and you could easily tell that they were really having fun. I had so much footage of them that I made it into a two part series. Part One dealt with explaining what the fun team was while part two was just everyone goofing around.

This turned out to be the last episode I did. Before Christian (the guy giving the tour), I had another person try to give a tour of the clubhouse. After a few minutes, we decided that Christian was more suited for this situation. He did a real good job as he knew the place in and out.

After the last episode, we were nearing the end of the season and most of the interns were leaving to head back to college. So at that point, I was running out of ideas for episodes. But looking back, I’m happy with what I did and happy for the fact that those episodes are still on the team’s youtube site. So whenever someone asks what got me started into the field of production, I always them these videos started my path.

Ok, enough with talking about the past. With the Mother’s House screening coming up, my next blog with involve video and reactions from cast and crew as they see the finished product. Then, I’ll have more updates from other projects I’ve been involved with as well as anything else that happens that’s worthy of a blog. So until next week, cya!




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