Maybe Tomorrow, I’ll go to Mother’s House: A Tale of Two Projects

7 04 2011

Sorry for the corny title. I figured since I’ll be talking about these two projects, I should at least try to come up with a interesting title. But anyway, as the title suggests, this post will focus on the two projects. One project has already been viewed by the cast and crew and is now being submitted to multiple festivals. The other is just starting to get under way in post production and will soon to be submitted to festivals as well.

As most of you know, it took nine days for the crew to make Mother’s House. What most people don’t know is that before the nine days of production, it took seven days to turn a regular home on peak road into Mother’s House. At this time, I was fortunate enough to get two days of footage as they painted and tea stained the walls, moved furniture around the house, and prepared some of the props that were used in the movie. I call this clip the lost episode because this was originally suppose to be the first video on the Mother House Youtube page. But because of so many things going on, I forgot to finish it and worked on the other videos instead. So to make this video stand out, I included a mini-commercial at the very end that one of our crew members did while on the set.

Other than the video, I have more good news surrounding Mother’s House. On April 2nd, a special screening was held at the Rosendale Theater for members of the cast and crew as well as everyone else who helped in making Mother’s House. With everyone giving positive reviews of the finished product, producers are hoping for the same results when it starts showing at film festivals.

1st AD Michael Chandler handling questions about the progress of “Maybe Tomorrow” (Photo provided by Sarah Flanagan) (Just a joke. Mike is directing the extras.)

Just as the picture suggests, everyone is wondering about the progress of “Maybe Tomorrow.” As of right now, the producers are close to getting an editor for the movie as well as looking into having a soundtrack that will consist of up and coming artists. And that’s not all. The producers are also hoping to have the official website up and running by the time May rolls around.

Dominik Tiefenthaler


Since “Maybe Tomorrow,” the actors have been staying active in the industry and have been working on other projects. Dominik, who plays as one of the main characters in “Maybe Tomorrow,” is currently a cast member for the independent film, “The Projectionist.”  For more information on the movie, go to their website: Dominik also has his own personal website: (



Carolina Ravassa


Carolina has recently done voice overs on several projects and her work is starting to get recognized on a international basis. She just had a interview with a Colombian TV show. When she’s just having free time, she spends it by practicing new dance moves and doing yoga. Just like Dominik, Carolina has her own website as well:(






Caitlin Norton


Caitlin Norton plays as the wife of Paul Lange’s character in “Maybe Tomorrow.” Since then, Caitlin has another short film coming up and is looking into possibly writing her own script since “Maybe Tomorrow” has inspired her to be a writer. Caitlin has her own website, where you can view all the work that she’s been involved in: (





So that is the tale of two projects. I hope you had a good time reading this blog as I had received praise from a few people for keeping them up to date on what’s going on. So until the next blog, cya!




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