California Dreaming: An April Wrapup of everything

26 04 2011

Hey everyone. The month of April is nearing the end and things are starting to pick up for me. I just recently PA’d for a day on the set of “Royal Pains” and I’m about to work on another show real soon. So I can safely say that next month may be busier than usual for me.

 Big news for the movie, Maybe Tomorrow. While the film is still in post production, both the twitter and facebook fan page has officially launched. At this point, the facebook has over 100 fans and counting. I asked Michael Wolfe about what he thought about the launch and here’s what he said:

“We don’t have a PR firm raising awareness about our project but luckily we can  use Facebook to do so. It starts with our friends and then their friends and so on. We’re grateful to have such an outlet to discuss the progress of our film and we’d love for anyone who reads this to be a part of it!”

If you want to be a fan of the facebook page, just follow this link:!/pages/Maybe-Tomorrow/196919037010925

Once you become a fan, you can view all the pictures that were taken on the set as well as be notified whenever updates are posted. Also, dont forget to follow Maybe Tomorrow on twitter: @MayB2morrowFilm.

Mother’s House is still waiting to hear from festivals. While it has been a slow week, I did get a chance to ask John Cohoe a few questions. For those who don’t know who John Cohoe is, he is the owner of the house that was used for Mother’s House. I asked him a few questions about the house and what it was like to see a film crew working inside of it. Here’s what he had to say:

1. What was your first thought when the producers asked if they could use your house for the movie? 

     “My first thought was, are you kidding? Then, after thinking about it I thought it might be kind of cool.” 

2. Was it weird for you to see a ton of crew members working in your house?

     “In a way, yes. I wondered if the systems, like septic, electric etc. were up to the task. And there was no lawn after the shooting. It’s growing back now.”

3. Out of all the rooms in the house, which one is considered to be your favorite?

My favorite room, my toy room, was not used in the movie. I go into it to play with my collection, much the same way Tom did in his room in the movie.” 

4. Has this movie made you look at your house in a different way?

     “Yes. The rooms that were used in the shooting were repainted to our specifications. A good thing. I know our 1860 house has stories to tell, and I occasionally hear some of them from old timers in the area.”

5. Would you like your house to be used again in a movie?

     “Sure. What’s in it for me? :)”

And I will end this blog with one last update. My friend, Khaizer Noel, has just released his second song, “California Dreaming,” off of his upcoming mixtape, Rather Unorthodox. So take a listen and if you can, become a fan of his facebook page:!/pages/Khaizer-Noels-Fan-Page/10150121787215475

So with this possibly my last blog in the month of april, I can say that more things will happen in may. So until next time, enjoy the rest of your week and cya!




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