The First Blog of May

11 05 2011

Hey everyone. Eleven days into the month of may, I now have the chance to blog about what’s been going on lately. I just finished working on TV show that just shot nearby where I lived. And as of right now, my next job might possibly be in Long Island, which I will surely blog about when production starts. But for now, I’ll talk about Mother’s House and Maybe Tomorrow, as a lot has happened between my previous post and now.

As we get closer to the one year anniversary of the shooting of Mother’s House, the movie is now getting selected to show at film festivals. On June 8th, Mother’s House will have it’s first screening at the Hoboken International Film Festival. For those who don’t know, Hoboken is in the state of New Jersey. You can find more info about the festival by clicking here.  If you live too far away, the movie will also be screened at the Breckenridge Film Festival on June 10th. If you can’t attend either of the festivals, don’t worry. When more festivals select the film, I’ll be sure to post info about it on my future blogs. And if you haven’t already, become a fan of Mother’s House on facebook (

Now onto Maybe Tomorrow. As I’m sure most of you know, the official website is up and running ( When you go on, you can find information about the film as well as the actors that were involved.  And the best part of the website is if you click on the “stills” tab, you can see all the pictures that were taken on set. So make sure to check out the website and if you haven’t done so already, become a fan of the movie on facebook (

So that’s it for today’s blog. But before I sign off, I’ll give you one last update. A while back, I mentioned that the producers of Maybe Tomorrow were looking for artists to be a part of their soundtrack. As of right now, Damien Rice is the first artist to hop on and his song, “Older Chests Acoustic,” will be featured in the film. So enjoy the song and I will see you guys next time!




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