Sharks and Sharkettes: “The Lone Sharks” by the Doppelgangaz

28 06 2011

Hey everyone. You guys are probably starting to notice that my last few blogs have been music related. Well, I figured that I keep this streak going. This time, this blog will feature a group called the Doppelgangaz.

Consisting of two emcees by the names of Matter ov Fact and EP, the group is known for their black cloaks and their style of wordplay over warm, gritty sounds. Since last year, their music videos have been seen by thousands of viewers and their facebook page has over 400 “sharks” and “sharkettes.”

Their album,"Lone Sharks," was released today.

Today, the Doppelgangaz have released their album, “Lone Sharks.” Having just purchased the album off of Itunes, I haven’t listened to all 15 tracks yet. But I can tell you that I love what I’m hearing. So far, my personal favorites have been “Nexium,” “Suppository,” “Doppel Gospel,” and “Pack Kervokian.” When you guys the chance, you can get their off amazon, itunes, or you can get to their official website. You don’t have to strictly be a hip hop fan to enjoy this album. If you’re someone who wants to just listen to good music, then I recommend that you give these guys a listen.


Purchase on Amazon

Facebook Page

Youtube Page





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