The Doppelgangaz: Get Em

15 07 2011

Hey everyone. The Doppelgangaz has recently released their latest music video, “Get Em.” If you haven’t already, you can get their album, Lone Sharks, by going to their website (which I will post at the bottom), ordering off of Itunes, or ordering off amazon. So far, the album has been praised  all over the net and has been given great reviews:

“We are in the midst of Golden Era 2.0. Whether you know it or not, it’s real, and artists like “The Doppelgangaz” are  part of that movement. Fuck I love Hip Hop.”
Rob aka Angriest Gamer

“No need to look further to find one of the albums of the year 2011, for me it is faultless I will hasten to store on my shelf with all my recent classics.”
Lehiphopsurecoute (The page is in french.Their is a link  on the right side that will let you translate.)

“The Doppelgangaz are dropping some real jazzy rap music. Shit is sophisticated beyond their age (21). This production goes off the beaten path for most of the shit that people are playing today.”
Dallas Penn

Facebook Page
Official Website




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