Maybe Tomorrow: The Roundtable Timeline

17 07 2011

On Thursday night, July 14th,  the producer’s of “Maybe Tomorrow” held a special roundtable event to premiere the official trailer as well as show two scenes from the movie. I was fortunate enough to be among those who attended the event and showed support. But from my understanding, there were a lot of people that couldn’t make it. But there’s no need to worry. From what I was told, the trailer along with photos and video footage from the event will be posted online in the near future. So, for the time being, I’ll give you a brief description of what happened on Thursday night:

7:00-7:20pm – Everyone is arriving at the Player’s Foundation. The audience consisted mostly of friends and family. The main actors were in attendance as well as a few of the producers.

The event was hosted by Lily Mercer.

7:20pm – After everyone is settled, Lily Mercer hops on stage and welcomes the crowd to the roundtable discussion. She talks a little bit about the Player’s Foundation and it’s history. She then announces that after the trailer shows, there will be a Q & A session for the cast.

7:25pm – The official trailer is shown for the first time. As mentioned before, the trailer will be posted online in the coming weeks.

7:27pm – The trailer ends and the first of three Q&A sessions begins. The male actors and Mark Montgomery are on stage and for this session, Lily is asking the questions. The questions mostly centered around how the project started. For the most part, everyone on stage were relaxed and having a good time. Important thing to note from the first session: Mark was asked what was the most memorable moment from the shoot and his answer was the last day at the Southampton location (that was the day where some of the crew spent a hour riding in a helicopter).

7:40pm – As a special treat for the audience, one scene from the movie is played.

Michael Wolfe's directing skills at work.

7:45pm – After the scene is played, a second Q&A session is held. This time, the questions focused on everyone’s acting styles and Michael Wolfe’s style of directing. Both Michael Wolfe and Mark Montgomery were asked if they have any advice for aspiring directors and producers. Both gave their unique answers but they also mentioned that it’s important to surround yourself with good people.

7:57pm – The audience is treated to viewing another scene from the movie.

8:05pm – The 3rd Q&A session begins. This time, audience members asked the cast questions. The questions focused more on post production and future plans for “Maybe Tomorrow.” Mark answered a majority of the questions and stressed that the main goal is to get the film accepted at the Sundance festival.  Michael mentions that a viral marketing campaign will soon take place to help raise awareness about the film.

8:20pm – The roundtable is officially wrapped!

This was basically a brief description of what happened on Thursday. As I said before, video footage from the event will be posted as well as the trailer. So be sure to check their official website as well as their facebook page for future updates. So until next time, cya.


Official Website
Facebook Page
Lily Mercer’s website




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