Mother’s House: Part 2 is finally here!!!

25 08 2011

After finally having time to work on this, part two of the Mother’s House video has been posted. But this time, I decided to go in a different route to make this one different from part one.

The latest video features music from InColor.

When you’re shooting bts footage for nine days, the amount of footage shot is overwhelming. Despite the number of videos I made for the youtube page, I still have a lot of unused footage. So I what decided to do was make a video montage that consists mostly of never before seen video from working on the set. And instead of using the same background music I’ve been using in previous videos, I was allowed to use music from the band, InColor.  So take this time to watch and enjoy the experience of life on the set of Mother’s House!


Peak Road Productions

Official Facebook Page

Facebook Page of Incolor




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