The umbra soundstage and a small preview

4 12 2011

The floor plan of Umbra Soundstage

Yesterday, I was able to attend the open house of the Umbra Soundstage, located in Newburgh. While it wasn’t fully completed, I was in awe at the size of the building and how big the stages were (Once I get a hold of pictures from the event, I’ll update this post). With a number of industry professionals in attendance,presentations started with Sharon Keery, marketing director of the Umbra Soundstage, and continued with others, including Ed Diana, the County Executive. As constantly mentioned throughout the day, the main concern with film production in the Hudson valley is that most companies return to the city to finish their project. With a soundstage in Newburgh, this will give production companies a facility to use that’s in the region instead of having to look in the city for a soundstage. With the goal of having the facility completely ready to go by February, the Umbra Soundstage is looking to lead the charge in getting more film and tv production in the Hudson Valley for 2012.

And I’ll end this post with a preview of a music video that I helped out on. The video is directed and edited by my friend, Shawn Strong. So until next time, cya.




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