My first music post of 2012: Round and Around

1 02 2012

“Check out my first video to my e.p being released at the end of the month. TRack is called “round n round” and features Chigoziem Egwuonwu, track also produced by him..”- E. Joox

What’s up everyone? It is now the very first day of Februrary, and a nice day I might add. Since I happen to have some free time today, I figured I would make a blog post today. As I sat at my computer, thinking of what my topic would be, I managed to log onto facebook. And this is what lead to today’s post. Today, my friend E. Joox has released a new music video called “Round and Around.” Shot entirely in NYC, the song also features and is produced by 2wice from ransom release. Fortunately, we’ll be treated to more E. Joox videos in the near future. But for now, enjoy today’s video!


Jooxnation Website
E Joox Facebook Page
E Joox Twitter Page




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