That’s a Wrap on “Faded!”

20 02 2012

A shot of cast and crew. (Photo taken by Alfred Hess)

After spending countless weekends, from October to February, the film “Faded” is officially wrapped! With the last two days of shooting being spent in Tappan, NY, everyone did their part in finishing the film on a strong note. Jon Bator, who joined the project at the midway point, provided his directing expertise to a mostly young cast and crew and also managed to get the film SAG certified. Blayne Cernak, who was HMU and Wardrobe, also took on the task of providing everyone with lunch and did a great job in doing so. For the rest of crew, a great job was done in helping Anthony Puglia make his film possible. Despite the fact that most of the crew had very little experience on film sets, they were willing to donate their time and do whatever was asked of them.

Actor Joe Stern (Photo taken by Alfred Hess)

Actress Michelle Ellen (Photo taken by Alfred Hess)

Actor Jonathan Keuchler (Photo taken by Alfred Hess)

Actor Franky Turiano (Photo taken by Alfred Hess)

And last but not least, let’s not forget about the actors as this film will help them in furthering their careers. With production done, it’s now left to post production to put everything together. It will take a few months until the first screening but I’ll be sure to post any updates up until that point. But before I leave, I will make one more note. The photo stills that you see were taken by Alfred Hess and he has more on his facebook page. I’ll post the link below and you can view more of what happened during the production of “Faded.”


Alfred Hess Photography




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