Motorcyclepdia Video: Lenny Bauer

21 02 2012

Hey guys. What you guys see above is a video that I was involved with (I was the boom operator). Not too long ago, Times Herald Record conducted an interview with Lenny Bauer and a few others at the Motorcyclepedia, in Newburgh, NY. For those who don’t know, in the 1970’s, Bauer rode his Harley-Davidson in an attempt to break the record of driving cross country. Though he didn’t accomplish his goal, he caught people’s attention when he managed to mount a beer keg on the back of his bike and use it as a fuel tank.

“Even though he was not successful in defeating the record, his unique motorcycle is definitely something worth talking about, and it’s in display at the museum. So, if you are ever in Hudson valley, near Newburgh, the Motorcyclepedia Museum is must stop, even if motorcycles are not your thing, you’ll find some fascinating things in there.”

So to reinstate the quote, the Motorcyclepedia Museum is worth the trip if you ever intend to visit Newburgh. With a countless number of bikes that are from different periods of time, you can learn a lot about the history of motorcycles.


Rivaucci Website




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