More Doppelgangaz and New Khaizer Noel Video

3 04 2012

The Doppelgangaz now have over 3,000 fans on their facebook page.

What’s up everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying their first week of april. I know I am as I have even more good news to share. The Doppelgangaz, as some of you know, are becoming more and more of a group that everyone has at least heard of. Having recently finished doing shows overseas, the group is set to head back to Europe again in the summer for the Hip Hop Kemp Festival. And while they continue to perform, they’ve also added more sharks to the shark nation. As of right now, their facebook fan page has over 3,000 fans.

Not too long ago, the Doppelgangaz sat down for a interview with 538 Juize. While the show is in German, the Doppelgangaz do speak english with German subtitles. So if you’re interested, take a look as the group discuss their music and what it’s like to be at position they’re at right now.

And before I sign off, I would like to debut a new Khaizer Noel video. Shot by his brother and E Joox, Khaizer was able to spare a minute to drop a freestyle while recording new material for his upcoming mixtape, “Rather Unorthodox.” And on that note, I’m signing off. So until next time, cya!





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