Welcome to Motorcyclepedia – The Introduction Video

10 04 2012

One of the many bikes that the Motorcyclepedia has to offer.

Hey what’s up everyone. I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend.  I know I did as I worked the Scotland 10k run in Central Park on Saturday followed by a family dinner on Sunday.  And while it’s time to get back into the weekly grind, I managed to find time to make a blog post.

Not too long ago, the introduction video for the Motorcyclepedia Museum was released. Shot by my friend, Oscar Rivas, the video fills you in on the Museum as various staff members explain what the venue has to offer (One minor note – I was the boom op on this shoot). From the Rivaucci website:

“One of the cool new features of the Motorcyclepedia Museum is this new introduction video we produced to help the guest get acquainted with the layout and the current exhibits in the Museum.

 While we were shooting we found out that the Museum houses the most complete and comprehensive collection of American made Indian Motorcycles in the whole world, with a motorcycle timeline that wraps around the exhibits with all but two (2) motorcycles missing, the 1901 and 1944. We decided to make this exhibit special by using the Foundry’s Camera Tracker plug in to have the Indian Motorcycles logo tracking inside the room as we pan around with the Porta-Jib.”

So if you love motorcycles, you should definitely come and check this venue out!


Official Website of the Motorcyclepedia Museum

Rivaucci Press Release




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