Since May 14th…..

26 06 2012

May 14th……

May 14th was the date where I made my last post. It’s been over 4o days between now and then. I know a very small handful of you are asking yourselves, “OMG, what happened to you, Chris?!” Don’t worry, I’m still alive. In the world of film and tv production, when you get an increasing amount of job offers, you don’t get much opportunity to do anything else. Since may 14th, I’ve mostly worked on small shoots with a few short films in between. Also during this time period, I’ve been working in the G&E department as I want to be more hands on when working on the set. Despite the fact that I still consider myself to be still learning all the tricks of the trade, I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter a countless number of people who’ve have been willing to give me tips and advice as I continue to learn more about the industry. Just on the last shoot I was on, everyone in the grip department spent some of their time showing me how to tie some of most commonly used knots. While I’m still struggling with the trucker’s hitch, I’m pretty good with the other three they showed me.

Other than talking about my career, I figured everyone wants to know what’s going on concerning my friends and previous projects I’ve worked on. Since so much happened between now and the last time I posted, I’ll only post a few updates as fatigue is starting to catch up to me. So here we go:

So let’s start things off with the Doppelgangaz. Not too long ago, they released the second volume of their “Beats for Brothels” series and from what I’m hearing, this is definitely a must buy if you’re a fan of hiphop instrumentals. There are a few tracks on there where they rap, including the popular “What Am I.” If you haven’t viewed the music video yet, 28,000+ views within less than a month should give you good reason to.

In other music news, another music video by my friend, Shawn Strong, was released on vimeo. Though I wasn’t available to help out on this shoot, this video came out well without me. The name of the song is called “I’ma Rebel” and it’s by S.E.S Da Great.

And before I call it a night, I’ll end this post with one more update. A short film that I worked on has unveiled the official trailer. Directed by both Anthony Puglia and Jonathan Bator, “Faded” is looking to be released at some time during the summer season.

So that’s it for now. I’ll be sure to post more updates the next time. Hopefully, next time won’t be more than 40 days away! And on that note, good night everyone!




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