The 2012 Woodstock Film Festival!

1 10 2012

Hey what’s up everyone? After a long hiatus, I’m back on the blogging network and I have good news to share. Next week, the 2012 Woodstock Film Festival will commence and it’s sure to be the best film festival yet. This year, nearly 130 films will be shown with almost half of them being viewed for the very first time. And I look forward to at least catching glimpse of each as I’ll be working the event.

With so much going on during that week, it’ll be hard for some to figure out what movies to watch. Out of all the showings, here are some notable showings:

“David Bromberg: Unsung Treasure,” directed by Beth Toni Kruvant

To kick off opening night, it’ll be the NY premiere of “David Bromberg: Unsung Treasure.” Directed by Beth Toni Kruvant, the documentary focuses on the career of the multi-talented musician, David Bromberg. Having worked with a multitude of artists that include Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, and Willie Nelson, viewers will be intrigued to see the amazing life that Bromberg has. Along with watching the documentary, David Bromberg will be in attendance and will perform a few songs after the showing. The showing will be at the Woodstock Playhouse at 7:30pm.

Persephone will be shown at the Kleinert James Art Center (10/12 @ 8pm) and the Woodstock Playhouse (10/14 @ 11:15am)

Directed by my good friend, Laurent Rejto, “Persephone” will be shown on two occasions. The film is a modern retelling of the greek mythology between Demeter (Melissa Leo), Hades (Gilles Malkine), and their daughter Persephone (Lindsay Andretta). This will be one of those films that I myself can’t wait to see as I’ve worked on this film.

Once you’ve seen all there is to be seen, the festival will close on a good note with the showing of “Casting By.” On closing night, Tim Donahue’s film gives us a look into the role of the casting director, who is responsible for choosing the actors and actresses needed for films, tv shows, and others media projects where they’re needed. If you want to learn more about how films are made and what goes on behind the scenes, this is worth a look.

So that’s a glimpse of what movies are being offered at this year’s Woodstock Film Festival. But I’m interested in knowing what films you guys are looking forward to seeing. With so many to choose from, I can’t wait to see the responses. I posted the link to the official website, so take a look and feel free to post a reply!


Woodstock Film Festival




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