The First Post of 2013

20 01 2013

Hey everyone. It’s yours truly with what will be the first post of 2013! 2012 has been a productive year for me as I’ve met a numerous amount of new friends and worked at venues that I would’ve never thought of visiting ( I worked outside of New York for the first time last year as I helped out on interviews in New Hampshire). Hopefully, 2013 will yield the same if not better results. So without rambling on any further, here are some updates that have happened up to this point this month.

i promise

The first thing of 2013 that I would like to address is that a few of my friends need  your help. Not too long, they’ve started up a fundraising campaign for their movie, “I Promise.” The film centers around the subject of cancer as a recently married couple is coping with the disease on a day to day basis. Watch the video and if you’re interested, you can go to their official indiegogo page and follow the directions to make a donation.

Also not too long ago, the baseball hall of fame had a little controversy as none of the new candidates were voted in on their first ballot. Being that players such as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Rafael Palmeiro were linked to steroids, most people were not surprised. Before the votes came, I worked on a video where baseball insiders were discussing the significance of the steroid era and how it would affect the hall of fame voting. The video was shot and edited by my friend, Jason Aron, as I helped out with the lighting. If you’re interested in baseball, this video is worth the watch!

And last but not least, Joox released his latest video called, “I Got New Ways.” Check it out and be sure to keep an eye out for his debut album, which will be released this year!


I Promise Indiegogo Page

I Promise Facebook Page

Jooxnation Website

E Joox Facebook Page

E Joox Twitter Page




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