My early cracks at photography: Pics I took at central park

17 02 2013


Hey what’s up everyone? I’m back with another blog post to entertain you with. This time will slightly be different as this post will focus on something other than movies and music. As some of you may know, I’m trying to get into photography as a way to expand my versatility. I brought myself a dslr camera last year. A canon 60d that came with the 18-135.. ef-s lens. While I’m still getting used to the camera, I feel that I’m improving as compared to when I first started.

white duck

These pictures were taken two weeks ago. I was in the city at the time and had an off day after working on a film shoot. So I took it upon myself to head to central park to get more used to shooting on full manual. I picked a great time to head there as there were a large group of ducks at one of the ponds. I managed to get pictures of the white duck by itself as it spent most of it’s time mingling with the others. I took a few but this picture was the best one I had. The others were ok but because I was adjusting the aperture and the focus for each shot, this one easily stood out to me.

three ducks

I took a few more pics as I strolled through central park but I stopped when I got too cold and decided to call it a day. These three pics are the best ones I took that day. With photoshop, I only made slight tweaks (a little bit of gamma correction and color correcting) but overall, I like how they came out. If you guys can, take a look and tell me what you think. As someone who wants to be a good photographer, any tips or words of advice would be extremely helpful. So until my next post, cya!


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