The First Post of March: Here We Go!!!

3 03 2013
One of the films I worked on this past month.

One of the films I worked on this past month.

Hey what’s up everyone? It’s everyone favorite blogger, back to fill your weekend with blogging joy. While I had a fairly busy month of February, I managed to post a few blogs. My previous post received positive feedback as I showcased some photos that I took in central park. Although I haven’t gotten the chance, I plan to do some more photography down the road, so stay tuned!

Me on the set of "Welkome Home." I'm the only black person in the pic lol.

Me on the set of “Welkome Home.” I’m the only black person in the pic lol.

As previously stated, February was a fairly busy month for me. Last year, February was horrible for me as one potential gig after another fell through at the last minute. I’m glad that it has been a change of fortune this time. I’ve worked on a music video shoot, a commercial shoot for a social app, and I’ve worked on “Welkome Home” for a few days. Directed by Angelina Nikonova, the film centers around a group of immigrants who become hostage to the choices they make as they live in the city of New York. Although I wasn’t on for the whole shoot, I’ve met an amazing crew. The DP, Jon Miller, was a great guy to work with. It was nice working alongside my friend, Graeme Dempsey, as we both were on the same page the whole time I was there. And overall, every crew member I’ve met were a joy to be alongside with. So I wish everyone luck in their careers and I look forward to the possibly of working with them again.


Before I call it a day, I would like to leave you with some music and entertainment news. For music, the Doppelgangaz released their latest music video near the end of the February. It’s titled, “Oh Well,” and it’s off their upcoming album, “Hark.” Their album will be released on March 12th, so be sure to check it out by then!


If you remember my posts about the film, “Maybe Tomorrow,”  you’ll remember this actress. Just like most people in the business, Carolina Ravassa has been staying busy. Her most recent work has been an monologue, shot by Reggie Watts. In this monologue, she tells a story but in four different languages. The four takes were interwoven to make a “MultiLingo” monologue.

So that’s it for now. While february was a productive month, I hope the same can be said for everyone who has read this. So until next time, cya!


Welkome Home Facebook Page

Welkome Home Twitter Page

Doppelgangaz Facebook Page

Doppelgangaz Twitter Page

Carolina Ravassa’s Official Site




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