Hark Back: The Doppelgangaz Latest Album, Trailer for “Samuel’s Game” and other news!

20 03 2013
The latest album by the doppelgangaz, "Hark Back," came out last tuesday.

The latest album by the doppelgangaz, “Hark Back,” came out last Tuesday.

Hey what’s up everyone. I spent the past two weeks in the city in case you were wondering. I worked on a music video for a friend but most of the time, I was helping out with the New York City Half Marathon. Not sure if I told you, but along with freelancing, I also have a part time job with the New York Road Runners, where I help with the race scoring department on race days. I managed to get a chance to help out in the main office, so I didn’t have the time to write up this blog until now. But I’m glad to be writing today.

doppelgangaz hark back cover

If you haven’t done so already, you should get “Hark Back,” the latest album from the Doppelgangaz. It was released last Tuesday. After my long tour of duty in the city, I just downloaded the album 20 minutes ago and listening to it as I type. And so far, I’m liking this one better than “Lone Sharks.” I more of a beats person so while I liked “Lone Sharks” for it’s lyrical content, I feel that the pace of the instrumentals was slower as compared to “Hark Back.” I like how this album starts out with a dark tone in the first three tracks and then starts to ease up the rest of the way. The beats feel better in my opinion and the great lyrical content is still there. Overall, It’s hard for me to pick a personal favorite this time around as I nearly like all the tracks on the first listen. As I listen to it more and more, that’s when I’ll start feeling certain songs. If you liked their previous album, you’ll definitely like this one!

"Bottled Up" stars Melissa Leo, Josh Hamilton, and Marin Ireland.

“Bottled Up” stars Melissa Leo, Josh Hamilton, and Marin Ireland.

And before I end this post, I want to mention a little news from earlier projects that I worked on. First and foremost, I’m glad to be saying that Samuel’s Game has a promo trailer up and it’s worth taking a look. Also, another film that I worked on is going to show at the Tribeca Film Festival. Originally titled “Something in the Water,” “Bottled Up” was the first film in which I worked in the grip and electric department. So it would be nice if this film were to win an award so I can brag about how I did my part to help make it look good from a visual standpoint.

Company1 Productions

And the very last thing I want to mention. If you live in the Hudson Valley and you need to rent equipment for your shoot, you no longer need to look to the city. My friend, Greg Meola, has recently started up his own rental company just for this occasion. The picture above showcases some of what he has in his inventory. If you ever need stands, frames, fresnel lights, or any other film equipment, go to company1productions.com, look over their equipment list, and contact Greg.

So that’s it for today. If you have any comments on what I blogged about, any ideas on what I should talk about next, or any questions in general, feel free to let me know. So until next time, cya!


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