YMCA Commercial and a Spring Reel

26 03 2013

Hey what’s up everyone! Welcome to another installment of my “Friends in the Industry” series. This week, I have two pieces of work that I wanted to show you. The first video is a commercial for the YMCA. While most of the spot was in 3d, the last part of the video was shot by my friend, Jordan Parrott. When I first worked with Jordan, it was on the set  of “Mother’s House,” and he was the gaffer on that shoot. Since then, he has worked his way up to being a successful cinematographer and has shot a great number of projects.

NYLAD Spring Beauty Reel

And the second video I wanted to show is a reel made by a company called NYLAHD. However, vimeo won’t allow me to embed the video so I posted the link above. My friend, Elspeth Brown, is among the producers of this company and she’s had a hand in making this video. Check out both videos as I’ll post links if you want to check more of either Jordan’s work or NYLAHD’s work. So until my next post, cya!


Jordan Parrott’s Official Website

NYLAHD Website




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