Friends In The Industry: Theophilus London Music Video

10 05 2013

Theophilus London Promo

Hey what’s up everyone? It’s been a while since the last I posted. Since things are starting to pick up in a good way, it may be a while before I post my next blog after this. But for now, you can enjoy what I’m about to write about as this is a continuation of my “friends in the industry” series.

Just a few days ago, Theophilus London released the music video to his single, “Rio.” From mtv’s website:

“The story begins in black-and-white, with a lone lady in search of a speakeasy. She finds it in an NYC hotel bar that bursts into color and a back room where London and the five-piece Menahan Street Band offer a vivid serenade.”

“The song’s romantic and funky, pausing between buttery choruses for the crunch of staccato bass and horn stabs. It borrows from ’70s soul even as the video’s influenced by extra, extra old-school style, all flapper dresses and vintage beverages….”

While it’s a great video, it had great people who worked on it. The lighting was done by a great grip and electric team that consisted of my friends, Al Roberts, Graeme Dempsey, Inyoung Choi, Trevor Wilson, and Sean Coia. And assisting with the production department as production coordinator was my friend, Diana Marie. So when you get a chance to watch this video, think of the people who worked behind the camera as they helped make it happen.


Theophilus London’s Official Website




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