The Last Post of May: New Material from Doppelgangaz and Phan Media

31 05 2013

doppel 1doppel 2

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to what will be my last blog post of the month. And what better way to end the month than with an update of everyone’s favorite group, the Doppelgangaz. Yesterday, the group released their video for the latest single, “Sunshine,” and it already has over 4,500 views within less than 24 hours.  Like some people say, as long as you stay persistent, you can accomplish anything. In their interview with Mass Appeal, Matter Ov Fact mentioned that they’ve been at it since 1998. So the persistence comment doesn’t ring more true than with what they accomplished.

And another mention to add. Phan Media’s creator, Shawn Strong has posted a video that explains what the show is and what it hopes to achieve, which is to raise awareness to the artistic talents that the Hudson Valley has to offer. Also, starting June 1st, Shawn urges everyone to help promote local artists as it will be SLAM (Support Local Artists Month). So I’ll be sure to do my part this month as my posts next month will make a mention of someone in my area.

So that’s it for the month of May. So be sure to look out for next post in June as I will be promoting someone from the Hudson Valley. So until then, cya!


Doppelgangaz Facebook Page

Doppelgangaz Twitter Page

Phan Media Facebook Page

Mass Appeal Twitter Page




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