The First Day of E3: The Xbox vs the PS4

11 06 2013

Hey what’s up everyone? I’m back in my form as I bring to you my first post of the month. This time, I’m gonna step outside the box a little bit as this will be my first post on the videogaming world. I loved playing videogames ever since I got my first gaming system, which was the Sega Genesis and my favorite game to play was Sonic the Hedgehog. Fast forward to 2013 and Sega no longer makes gaming systems and the Sonic the Hedgehog series has been inconsistent (I will still buy Sonic games no matter how bad the reviews are). But enough of the past as this year, the first day of E3 presented us with two new systems that will push the boundaries of gaming and entertainment. I’m only going to give a brief overview as a lot happened yesterday, so here we go.

The Xbox One vs. PS4


In my opinion, both Microsoft and Sony did fairly decent jobs in their presentations. Microsoft had a better opening as they first showcased the new Metal Gear Solid game. In what was thought to be a CGI cutscene, the trailer turned out to be actual game footage that showcased the visual power of the Xbox One. From then on, representatives from Microsoft and developers showcased some of the interesting features that system will offer. My personal favorites were the ability to play one game and while playing, have the system set up multiplayer matches for another game, and being able to live stream your games on twitch.

Sony had a rough start to their presentation but a good ending. To start, one of their presenters had a heavy accent and it was sometimes hard to understand what he was saying. However, it started to pick up. When it was announced that the PSN store will offer indie games, they showed developers on stage playing their created game, which I felt was a nice touch to the presentation. The PS4 will have a online service similar to xbox live and will also allow players to stream their on ustream. And while Microsoft stayed away from the early controversies that caused an uproar (always on, DRM, can’t play used games), Sony threw plenty of jabs at their rival to end the evening, as well as offer the PS4 at a price of $399 (the xbox one is priced at $499).

Both companies showcased plenty of games. But here’s a few that I’m personally looking forward to:

Battlefield 4

battlefield 4

Since Battlefield: Bad Company 2, I went from a COD player to someone who likes to blow up buildings and use various vehicles during multiplayer combat. Other than the jaw dropping graphics, this edition will expand to 64 man online battles on console versions. The biggest “OMG” moment came when during the multiplayer showing, one of the large skyscrapers became unstable and collapsed. The game will come out on both systems with the xbox one version getting first dibs on the game’s expansion pack.

NBA 2k14

nba 2k14

Since the dreamcast days, I’ve played every nba 2k game that came out. I was impressed when they did a side by side with Lebron James and his in-game counterpart. And while NBA 2k13 made some good strides, I’m hoping this year’s game will make improvements in a few aspects of their gameplay.



When I first saw the gameplay footage, the first thing I thought of was Boderlands just because of the mood it gave me. Then as I kept watching, I thought of Phantasy Star Online. Created by Bungie, I know that the story will be great as well as the game play.

So in a nutshell, that’s my opinion from I saw from the first day of E3. Tell me what you think of my post and what games you were stoked to see. I would love to hear from you guys. So until next time, cya.




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