The End of E3 and A Short Film Treat

16 06 2013


Whats up everyone? I’m back today to give you my take on E3. As promised, I waited till the event is nearing it’s end to give my final input. So let’s get into it:

The games

The last post I made about E3, I mentioned a few games that I was personally looking forward to. There was plethora of upcoming games that were very popular at the events. Games such as Witcher 3, Watch Dogs, and Titanfall were among the most popular showings with Assassin’s Creed 4 and Ryse not too far behind. Games like Madden and NBA Live were given lukewarm responses as their demos did not give gamers enough to make a fair assessment of what to expect when it’s ready for retail. But overall, the games are what E3 is all about and the developers did not disappoint.

Xbox (D)one

Obviously, the biggest storyline for E3 is the battle between the xbox one the PS4. Heading into the event, microsoft was already getting bashed about some of the features of their product. It didn’t help much with the comments their executive made concerning the rants made against them along with a recent report that their demo stations were run on high end pcs instead of the xbox one. With high appraisals from event-goers, the PS4 came out as the winners of the console wars. But it only matters when both consoles go on sale and the amount of units sold that will determine who gets to wear the crown.

And before I end the day, I wanted to give y’all a treat. Someone in one of my facebook groups showcased a short film that he made and it looks good from what I saw. Please watch if you get the chance and leave some input. The name of the film is called “Blood Friday” and it is written, produced, and directed by Ashwyn Anand.

So that’s it for now. Until next time, cya!





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