Photography Session: Dev McCray Music Video Shoot Part 1

7 07 2013
Tito Rivera (l) and Shawn Strong (r) watching the camera as Dev performs.

Tito Rivera (l) and Shawn Strong (r) watching the camera as Dev performs.

Hey what’s up everyone? It’s been a long while since I last posted. My line of work has picked up recently so blogging had to take a back seat. And this upcoming week, I’ll be working for the next six weeks on a shoot nearby where I live. So my next few posts may be few and far in between. But for now, I wanted to bring to you my latest installment of my photography series, which showcases pics I took from a recent music video I worked on.

Dev (center), Doc (left), and Centillion (right)

Dev (center), Doc (left), and Centillion (right)

The pics I’m showcasing is from the Dev McCray music video, “1 Night.” Along with assisting Shawn Strong, I took it upon myself to do still photos as I wanted to work more on my photography. The first location was at Shawn’s office, which is in Newburgh. The room we shot in was fairly lit. Just like in a regular office setting, they were fluroscent lights. Most of them seemed dimly lit so we used two lights to help brighten the area where the action would take place. As I took out my camera, it still looked dark on my screen, so this is where I tried to learn what settings would be ideal.

Model Brittney J

Model Brittney J

So for these shots, I went with the 50mm lens since I can’t pull focus as well on the other one. Plus, I can get a lower aperture setting with the 50mm that I had. To compensate for the low light, I set the aperture at 1.8, the ISO at 500, and the shutter speed at 1/100s. I was slightly nervous as I never dealt with these settings before. I usually go with 1/160s for shutter speed and I thought I went too high with the ISO. But after a few test shots, I felt at ease. The settings stayed the same throughout our time at the location and for the most part, the pics came out well.


My two personal favorite photos from these locations.

My two personal favorite photos from these locations.

Out of the photos taken from this location, the above two are my favorites. In both pics, very little to almost no tweaking was needed. I liked the side angle as it showcased the soft wrap that was given by the key light. In Britteny’s picture, there was no editing done.

Rev McCray and Brittney J

Dev McCray and Brittney J

I had a fun time going through and editing these pics. This only part one as I have more pictures to go through from the other two locations we shot at. I have more pics posted on my tumblr page if you want to take a look (the link is posted below). So enjoy for now and let me know what you think of my pictures! Until next time, cya!


My Tumblr  Page(More pics on there)

Dev McCray’s Twitter Page

Docondabeat’s Twitter Page

Brittney J’s Twitter Page




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