Photography Session: Dev McCray Music Video Shoot Part 2

10 07 2013
Brittney J and Dev McCray

Brittney J and Dev McCray

Hey what’s up everyone? As promised, here’s part 2 to the photography session from Dev McCray’s music video. I was originally going to do three parts, but I’m currently thin on time as I’m scheduled to work on a six week long shoot starting tomorrow. So just like part 1, Ill go over what happened and what settings I used on my camera.

Dev McCray and Brittney J

Dev McCray and Brittney J

The second location was on main street in Beacon, NY. As soon as we arrived, I was immediately pulled from taking stills and was assigned to operate the second camera. So in the limited time I had, I set the camera to 9.0 aperture, 100 ISO and 1/160s for shutter speed. After changing to those settings, I handed my camera off to Tito Rivera, our other crew member who was pitching in to help out. The only thing I told him to worry about was pulling focus as he took the shots. For someone who hasn’t worked with cameras that much, he did a decent job. It was mostly the brightness I had to tone down when it came to editing the pics along with altering the saturation.

Easily my favorite photo from this location.

Easily my favorite photo from this location.

After the second location, we stop by the DM Weil Art Gallery to shoot the final scenes for the video. I was pulled from taking stills again but it was only brief. The room we shot in was fairly lit, only having to keep changing the ISO as the day progressed. The aperture was set to 1.8 with the shutter speed at 1/100s. Editing the photos from this location was simple. It was mainly tweaking the color temperature by a tiny bit and getting rid of the tiny spike of green.

Director/DP Shawn Strong

Director/DP Shawn Strong

So I have all the pics I worked on posted on my tumblr page if you want to view more. And with that, this ends my latest photography session. With my shoot starting tomorrow, it’ll be a while before I post again. Hopefully, I’ll have next wednesday off and I won’t be too exhausted to type something up. So until next time, cya and enjoy the rest of July!


My Tumblr  Page(More pics on there)

Dev McCray’s Twitter Page

Docondabeat’s Twitter Page

Brittney J’s Twitter Page




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