3 year anniversary: New Music from E.Joox and music from Detroit

14 08 2013

Hey what’s up everyone? It’s been almost a month since the last time I posted. At this point, I want to address a very special moment. It’s now the 3 year mark in which I first started working in film and started up my blog page. I went from a Production Assistant who didn’t know much to now a grip/electric who continues to learn and get better with each project. I went from knowing almost nobody to now meeting a ton of new friends and being called on to work on multiple shoots on almost a weekly basis. And my blog page has gone from just promoting my projects to showcasing works that my friends had been involved with in some capacity. So I would like to take this time to thank everyone who I’ve come across for being willing to show me the filming world and how everything goes and those who have been willing to follow my posts for the past three years. It’s been a fun 3 years and I hope the ride doesn’t stop.

Now I got that out of the way, this post will be short and centered around music as I have some new material to showcase. My friend, E. Joox, has released his latest video five days ago for his song, “Switch My Style.” It’s off his upcoming mixtape, “Invisible Ladders,” which will be released later in the year. When you get the chance, it’s worth a watch and a good song to listen to.


The good thing about blogging is that anyone in the world can view it. Last month, I received an email from a promoter in Detroit who asked if I could show his group’s work on my blog. Because of my schedule, I didn’t reply back until yesterday. So I kept my word that I’ll showcase his work and here it is. The above music video is from Detroit based artists, Moonchild and D. Allie, performing “Consequences.” If you like the video, you’ll love their mixtape. (I’ll post the link below)

What’s to Come

So that’s it for now. I’ve been having a busy month as I’ve been day playing on multiple shoots and this trend will continue for possibly the next two weeks. By the time I make my next post, a music video I worked on will premiere plus I hope to mention some projects that my friends have worked between now and then. So until next time, cya!


Jooxnation Website

E Joox Facebook Page

E Joox Twitter Page

Moonchild and D. Allie Have a Bright Future Mixtape




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