The 2013 Woodstock Film Festival

23 09 2013


Hey what’s up everyone? Sorry for the long delay. This was originally supposed to come out last week. But with the new grand theft auto game coming out at the time, you can guess where my attention went. So now that I got my focus back, it’s time to take notice to the fact that the 2013 Woodstock Film Festival will shortly be upon us. From October 2nd to October 6th, we will once again be treated to a countless number of great independent films created by great minds from all over the world. So, if you’re not sure what films you want to catch, here’s a few you can look at:


One of the films to look forward to is Kilimanjaro. Directed by Walter Strafford, Gaffed by my friend Joe Del Balzo, and Key Gripped by my friend Sean Coia, the story centers around Doug Collins, who has a dead end job and a relationship that is becoming more meaningless as the days go by. After breaking up with his girlfriend, Doug decides he wants to challenge himself to make his life more meaningful and he does so by attempting to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. The movie will show on October 4th at the Rosendale Theater @ 6:30pm and then again on October 5th at the Bearsville Theater @ 4pm.


Another film to check out is the short film, “In the Blind.” Created by my friends, Davis Hall and Ingrid Price, the story centers around two brothers who have to deal with the death of their father. And in the process, they start to understand each other as the two have an estranged relationship. “In the Blind” will be part of a group of short films showing on October 5th at the Rosendale @ 2:55pm and again on October 6th at the Mountain View Studios @6:15pm.


And another good film to check out is “We Are What We Are.” I was able to work on set for a day as an additional electric and I had a blast. Already having good showings at other festivals, Jim Mickle’s film will make it’s way to the hudson valley, where it was made, for a one time showing on October 6th at the Woodstock Playhouse @ 9:30pm.

So for the fourth consecutive year, I’ll be running around in Woodstock, making sure everything is running smoothly. Feel free to say hi if you see me around. Otherwise, have a good time and keep a look out as I will try to post during the festival on what’s going on throughout the day.


Woodstock Film Festival Site




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