Dan is Missing Premiere, Behind the Scenes with Jenn Garcia, and The Big Gulp

28 09 2013

dan is missing

Hey what’s up everyone. For today, I wanted to showcase three projects that will be released soon. The first project I want to mention is the premiere of the feature film, “Dan is Missing.” Shot by my friend Steve McBride, the film takes place in the Adirondack Mountains. The story centers around Andy and Nick, who met in college but haven’t really spoken to each other in eight years. When Andy’s brother, Dan, goes missing in the woods, Andy calls up Nick and two go searching for Dan. The story of lost friendship and dealing with grief will premiere on October 23rd at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City at 9:15pm.

jenn garcia

The second project is a music video that will come out soon. Above is a behind the visuals look at the Jenn Garcia’s “Live On” music video, directed by my friend, Shawn Strong. In the video, Jenn talks about the song and how it came about.

kat george

And the last project I wanted to mention was a web series that will premiere next week. Something that I worked on, “The Big Gulp” is based of an article written by Kat George, who is also the star of the web series.

So those are three projects to keep an eye out for along with the Woodstock Film Festival, that is coming next week!


Dan is Missing Premiere Page

Feel Good Music Entertainment

The Big Gulp Facebook Page

Kat George’s Tumblr Page




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