Winter is Coming, Jenn Garcia’s Music Video, and new NBA 2k14 Trailer

17 10 2013

Good afternoon and welcome to another edition of my blog. The Woodstock film festival went better than I expected. We had a good number of new people helping out this year and they did a great of handling the amount of pressure that comes along with managing a film festival. The whole event began with a documentary on the great Sonny Rollins and ended with “We Are What We Are,” a film that was entirely made in the Hudson Valley. So all in all, it was great job by everyone involved and Im sure everyone looks forward to next year.

the big gulp

While I was up in Woodstock, “The Big Gulp” premiered it’s first episode on youtube. As I mentioned before, this is a project I worked on along with Brendan Stumpf (DP), Tim Nesmith (Producer), Allie Smith (HMU), and Kat George, who is the star of the show. So when you get a chance, it’s 7 min long and it’s worth a look.

jenn garcia

In my last post, I showed you the Behind the Scenes video of Jenn Garcia’s “Live On.” Well two days ago, the music video to her single has been released online.

nba 2k14

And lastly, the latest trailer for NBA 2K14 has been released today. Being a avid player of the series since the dreamcast days, I’m always in awe when they showcase their visual improvements for each new system. Seeing the players now as lifelike as possible, this game is definitely the first thing Im buying when I get a PS4.


Feel Good Music Entertainment

The Big Gulp Facebook Page

Kat George’s Tumblr Page




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