Short Photography session: franny reese state park

22 10 2013
Franny Reese State Park, located in Highland, NY.

Franny Reese State Park, located in Highland, NY.

Hey what’s up everyone. Welcome to another segment of my photography session. Today, I will only showcase two photos as this location was not my original plan. Last night, I asked on facebook for suggestions for a place to take photos. A friend of mine suggested going to Sam’s Point. Unfortunately, I found out the location wasn’t open on Tuesdays, so I decided to try Franny Reese State Park at the last minute. The park is a massive area. Because of the fact that I had other errands to attend to, my time at the place was limited so I mostly walked a little bit into the Johnson-Iorio Trail (located under the mid hudson bridge).

The main purpose of my trip was to test shooting pics in Camera Raw format. The previous times I’ve done photography, I’ve been shooting in jpg format because at the time, Photoshop couldn’t read Raw files. It wasn’t until by the time I shot stills for Dev’s music video that I found out I had to update the software in order for the raw files to be viewed and editable. So going through these pics, I feel that with the raw format, it’s more detailed and you have a wider range of options when it comes to editing.


Where will this path lead?

I only took a small number of pics. Since the area is wooded, a majority of the pics looked too generic to me. Also, the day was cloudy, so I think it made the area bland. I adjusted the vibrance and gamma so that the leaves and their colors would pop out a little more. In the end, these two photos stood out. I tried to get a pic of the sign with the pathway in the background, but the sign was angled too much. However, on a limited time and a cloudy day, Im pleased to at least get a couple good pics. Once I research the park, Ill make another run at the place and see what more this park has to offer.




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