Photography Session: New York City Marathon + New Video from E. Joox

7 11 2013


What’s up everyone in this fine month of November? We’re getting close to the end of the year and what better way to help you get closer than another installment of my photography session. This past week, we had the nyc marathon take place in our beloved city. As someone who works part time for the New York Road Runners, I had first hand view of over 50,000 people run down 1st avenue as I was stationed at the 17 mile marker.


The calm before the storm.

I only managed to take these pics with my cellphone, which happens to be an old blackberry. I was stationed at the 17 mile marker, which was at the intersection of 77th street and 1st avenue. Once I had the timing equipment set up and ready to go, I had time to take the above pic.


And so it begins.

At this point, the elite runners have passed by and the regular waves of runners are starting to come through. The only thing I hated about my station was that I easily struck by water as runners would toss their cups in my direction after they took a sip.

The Spectator view

The Spectator view

At this point, the area was nearly jam packed. Runners filed up the whole road with a packed crowd cheering everyone on. I wanted to get a higher angle, but that’s hard to do using an old blackberry phone.


A nice view from the terrace.

This nice shot was taken a couple days before the marathon. Staying at my grandma’s apartment, I wanted to get some shots from the terrace as the sun was coming down. In case you’re wondering, this was shot with my dslr camera. Aperture was at 4.0, ISO at 100, and the shutter speed at 1/250. The only tweak I made when editing was slightly lower the exposure so you can see the clouds in the sky.

And to end this post, I’ll leave you with the latest music video from E. Joox. Off his upcoming EP, “Black In America,” his latest single is called “Stand up.” If you like hip hop that has a positive message, then this is the song for you.




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