Labor: Latest Mixtape from D3v McCray, Hope for the warriors, and musclecarts

12 11 2013

Hey whats up, everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. Today, I have a few pieces of work from friends that I wanted to showcase. So let’s get into it.

Let’s start off with the biggest news today. Just within the past hour, Dev McCray released his latest mixtape, “Labor,” on Coming in on the halfway mark of listening to the mixtape, I like what I’m hearing so far. And that’s a no shocker as I’ve heard some of his previous work. While there are some freestyles (I like the freestyle over taylor swift), there are some tracks that were produced by The BeatGOD. So there’s a good mixture of original production and beats that people will recognize. If you’re a hiphop head or someone who just loves good music, take a listen and feel free to give your input.

Yesterday was veteran’s day. We had a good number of special events honoring them in my area. And while some take a day off to honor them, there are those that make it a daily commitment to help our veterans. Shot by my friend, Ari Schaeffer, Hope For The Warriors released their video on youtube. Helping veterans get back into normalcy after serving is the biggest goal of this organization and in the video, one of the members even talks about how he uses sailing to help others like him. If you want to learn more about this organization, I’ll post the link to their website below.


And for my film people, this is for you. My friend, Scott Sousa, has created a tumblr page called “Muscle Cart.” If you’ve worked on a film set, you’ll know what a muscle cart is and know that people from other depatments like to use it for purposes other than hauling sandbags. So if you have any pictures of people sitting, resting, or doing whatever to a muscle cart, submit it to his page.


Hope For The Warriors

Muscle Cart Tumblr Page




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