Videos from Mother’s House Alum, Doritos Commercial, Canon Commercial, and D3V music video

3 12 2013

Hey what’s up everyone? The year is slowly coming to an end in less than a month. And what better way to help ease you into the new year then another addition of my blog. This time around, there are a couple videos made by the Mother’s House Alum along with projects from those that I’ve been fortunate to come across.

It was so long ago. It's bring a tear to my eye. Picture taken by Kelly Marsh.

It was so long ago. It’s bring a tear to my eye. Picture taken by Kelly Marsh.

It’s been a little over 3 years ago that I been on my first film set. I was a mere spectator as I taped BTS footage and watched how a movie was actually made. Most of the crew at the time were either new or just had a couple films under their belt. To this day, I try to keep with some of them and it’s nice to see that they advanced so well in their craft.

On Mother’s House, the electric team was led by Jordan Parrott. Fast forward to now, he’s become a well respected cinematographer who just recently uploaded a great reel of his work on vimeo.

And this Hasbro commercial was worked on by a couple members of the Mother’s House Alum. Shane Siebel and Andrew Hutcheson submitted this work for a contest and as some of you now know, it’s currently showing on Nicklelodeon.

Now to our non-mother’s house related projects. Recently, Canon released their latest commercial for their pixma printer for the holiday season. The video was gaffed by Freddy Cintron with Inyoung Choi working on the electric side.

Because this post was made late, there’s only a limited time left. Submitted for a contest to be featured during this upcoming superbowl, this doritos commercial was directed by Anthony Puglia and consisted of cast and crew that had a few hudson valley residents. As I write this, there’s less than 12 hours left to vote. So after you watch, the link will be at the bottom where you can vote and rate this video. If this video makes it to the superbowl, it’ll be an accomplishment worth celebrating.

And before I leave, here’s one more treat. A little while back, D3v released the video to his latest single, “Letter to Toe.” This heartfelt video was shot by Shawn Strong and currently has over 1,000 views in just a week. So it’s definitely worth a watch.


Doritos “Attack of the Cheesers”

Jordan Parrott’s Personal Website




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