First Post of 2014: Mother’s House and Celebration

6 01 2014

mothers house

What’s up everyone? We’re now six days into the new year and it’s still freezing outside in my area. For those who were able to travel to warm locales during this time, I envy you. I’m making it one of my goals this year to do well enough so I can afford to travel during the winter season. But enough of my rant, welcome to 2014 everyone. A new year brings new opportunities and challenges as well as new media. And what better than the two videos I would like to showcase.

In case you missed it during it’s film festival run, Mother’s House is now available for everyone to view on vimeo. As a lot of you know, this was the first film I worked on as I taped bts footage. So I’m especially happy that the short receive a good number of awards and a lot of praise from reviews. And I hope you enjoy this film as well.

The D.O.C.

The D.O.C.

This video is from D.O.C., titled “Celebration.” Along with the other musicians that I usually cover, this is someone you should look out for this year.

And with that, this ends my first post of 2014. And before I go, I would like to thank everyone as I’ve officially passed the 5,000 view mark since I created my blog page. So once again, thanks and if you have suggestions on what I can do to make my blog even better, feel free to comment. And with that, let’s make 2014 a great year for everyone!


D.O.C.’s Official Page




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