Return from the Hiatus

13 03 2014

After more than a month away from the last blog, I’m finally back. The month of February was a fun filled one for me. I worked on a feature that took place in the Kingston area. It was fun setting up lights in blizzard like conditions and bonding with a crew that mostly consisted of those that you worked with. It was a great time that was unfortunately cut short due to car issues. But I didn’t let that get me down too much. After getting my car fixed, I got to be an extra on a big budget movie for a day, I worked on a short film for two days, saw a friend premiere her first film as a director, and I recently got finished working on a commercial. So, during this stretch, I was reminded of a important lesson that I learned when I was starting out. Always keep your head up and no matter what, keep pushing forward. I applied that and thankfully, I overcame a little adversity.

dev mcray and doc

During my stretch of work, the Doppelgangaz released their latest album, “Peace Kehd.” I wasn’t able to blog on it at the time and I also still have yet to purchase the album, lol. So that’ll be for another blog. However, I have other music news to share. D3v and Docondabeat have released their first videoblog. In the coming months, both will release their albums, with “Young Rich and Famous” dropping on 4/22 followed by “Labor 2” on 5/5. So keep an eye out for them.

adult children

And during my “Hiatus,” a few friends of mine have premiered their films. Emily Carragher premiered her short, “Adult Children,” which was her first film as a director. A film about coping with the sudden loss of a loved one, I was able to catch it when it showed at the Rosendale Theater and it was time well spent.

Samantha Light, Director of "Cold Axe Bitch"

Samantha Light, Director of “Cold Axe Bitch”

Earlier in the week, another friend of mine premiered her short. Samantha Light uploaded her short, “Cold Axe Bitch,” to youtube. A commercial and short movie tied into one, it’s a unique and creative way of showcasing the Axe Body Spray product. Check it out and make sure to leave comments to let everyone what you think.




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