Latest Videos from Doppelgangaz, D3V, and Baron Fig

1 04 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. It’s now the beginning of April and the end of the long winter season (hopefully). And with the warm weather coming in, along with it comes a good amount of film and tv work. So, while a decent run at the beginning of the year, it’ll be nice to work without freezing to death.


The Doppelgangaz

Later in the week, I will purchase the Doppelgangaz latest album, “Peace Kehd.” Based on the reviews, it’s a shame that I don’t have it yet. Along with the positive reviews, their videos have been well received as of late. Their latest video, “Live Rugged,” has passed 9500 views since it’s release on March 26th.


And in other music news, the guys at Lucid Dreams have released their latest chapter of the ThatLucidLifeTV series. On the set of his upcoming music video, D3v talks about his single as well as him and Doc discussing their mixtapes.


Baron Fig

This video was shot for the company, Baron Fig. The company specializes in designing notebooks. The lighting for this video was done by my friend, AJ DeSimone, who also has a small cameo.


Doppelgangaz Facebook Page

Doppelgangaz Twitter Page

D3v Facebook Page

D3v Twitter Page

The Baron Fig




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