Peace Kehd, Latest Dev McCray Video, and Emilie’s start to the morning

15 04 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? It’s been too long, but I finally got my hands on the latest Doppelgangaz album, “Peace Kehd.”

Official Track listing for Peace Kehd:  1. Peace In 2. Holla x2 3. Shit Rock 4. KnowntchooTahLie 5. $ In Da Air 6. Live Rugged 7. Ungodly (feat. Big Josh) 8. Come Down Awn Eht 9. What's Your 20 10. Fall Thru 11. Peace Out

So I bought the album off of itunes and got the deluxe version. With the deluxe version, you get the songs plus the instrumentals of all 11 songs. So I was pretty excited as I sometimes like to listen to just instrumentals.

As expected, the album is as good as advertised from hip hop sites and message boards. Having listened through most of the album so far, I can tell they’re just enjoying making the music. The beats are refreshing and it seems as though every song has a humorous skit at the end. As of right now, my favorite song is “Knowntchootahlie.” That might change as I finish through the whole album though as I’m liking almost every song. So all in all, it’s a good album to purchase if you’re a fan of hiphop and good music in general.

Album drops on May 5th

Album drops on May 5th

In other music news, D3v released the video for his latest single, “Portraits.” It’s off his upcoming album, Labor II, which will be available on May 5th. But you can purchase the single off itunes right now. Ill post the link below.


What starts off your day? For Emilie, a unique toast and a cup of coffee.

And before I leave, I want to make one last note. Now that the weather is warming up, the filming season is slowly starting up. Emilie Jackson, a friend of mine and a fellow freelancer, submitted a pic to showcase what she eats to help prepare herself for the day. Though it’s nearly gone, it’s a “sprouted toast with almond butter, raw honey, hemp hearts, cacao nibs and half of a 17¢ banana.” So on that, good luck my freelancing brothers and sisters and may this year be great one for everyone!


Doppelgangaz Facebook Page

Doppelgangaz Twitter Page

D3v Facebook Page

D3v Twitter Page





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