Eddie Lemonier – “Undertow”

17 04 2014

Eddie Lemonier

Hey what’s up everyone? In what is probably a record, I’ve posted another blog for the third consecutive day. A lot has been going on this week, so that’s a good thing as that gives me material for what to write about. Today, I want to show you all a great piece of work done by a group I work with from time to time. Released a few days ago, Eddie Lemonier released the video to his single, “Undertow.”

Overall, this is a beautiful visual display. The underwater shots and b-roll footage were done by Justin Derry. Performance and narrative shots were done by Kaya Moon. To help in achieving this visuals, the grip and electric team consisted of Daniel April (Gaffer), Ethan June (Key Grip), and Eric William Sorenson. The camera team was made up of Matthew Manning (1st AC) and Billy Green (Camera Op). A great team working together to make a great visual to a good song.

Also, check out Justin’s website as he has an updated cinematographer reel.


Justin Derry’s Website





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