Knightmares, Cold in July, Good Ol Boy, and Doppelgangaz

4 06 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? It’s your favorite blogger that is back from a fairly long hiatus. The month of may has been somewhat busy. Working a few shoots along with working the Brooklyn Half Marathon can take a lot of you as I couldn’t find the focus to update my blog until now. So since I’m in a writing mood, I have plenty of good news to share with you.


“Knightmares,” Winner of 4 awards at the New York City Golden Egg Film Festival.

During the past month, I had the pleasure of working alongside Stratton Bailey on a short film in Woodstock. In the indie film world, Stratton is one of the most well known Key Grips and a great person to work with. One of the films he has worked on is “Knightmares.” Along with friends Tyler Chong (Gaffer) and Doug Durant (1st AC), the entire crew has put together a great piece of work and it has already been rewarded for it.

At the NYC Golden Egg Film Festival, “Knightmares” has won awards for Best Hair and Makeup, Best Special Effects, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director of a Short Film, and Original Screenplay. The next showing of the short will be at LA’s Golden Egg Festival, which will be from November 6th to the 14th. So mark your calendars if you want to see it.


In other film news, “Cold In July” is now opening in select theaters and my friends are telling me this is a must see. If you’re free on June 6th, the film will be showing at the Spectrum 8 theater in Albany.

good ol boy

Good Ol’ Boy

If you’re keeping an eye on the film scene in the hudson valley, you’ll know that they’ve been shooting the feature film, “Good Ol’ Boy,” in the area. Nearing the end of principal photography, the film is a coming of age comedy that stars Jason Lee (“My Name Is Earl”), Anjul Nigam (“Bad Words”), Brighton Sharbino (“The Walking Dead”), Roni Akurati (“Prodigy Bully”), Hilarie Burton (“One Tree Hill”), Poorna Jagannathan (“Delhi Belly”), Shoba Narayanan (“Gossip Girl”), and Samrat Chakrabarti (“Midnight’s Children”).

Artwork made by @lostxrubies

Artwork made by @lostxrubies


And in the music world, the Doppelgangaz continue their good run. The Peace Kehd tour has been a success so far, and for the month of June, the duo will make it’s way to the US after their stops in Germany.

To end this blog, I present this video. Rexy Radcliffe, a fan of the Doppelgangaz, recently made her own rendition of their song, “Nexium.” So take a look and feel free to comment about it. It’s great seeing a group grow from having a few fans to having over 20,000 on facebook and over 5,000 followers on twitter.



“Knightmares” Official Website

“Good Ol’ Boy” Facebook Page

Doppelgangaz Facebook Page

Doppelgangaz Twitter Page




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