Photography Session: Roc Yur Role Fashion Event

8 06 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. Within the stretch of five days, this is my fourth posting. So far, based on the stats, I seem to be getting a good number of people who are interested in what I have to say. So I must be doing something right at the moment. But anyways, this posting will be another installment of my photography series. This past friday, I attended the “Roc Yur Role” fashion event that was held at the Couture Modeling Studio.

I'm happy with how this photo looked when I put it in B&W.

Model Ksenia. I’m happy with how this photo looked when I put it in B&W.

This event presented a good challenge as this was a crash course in shooting at night along with not having ideal lighting conditions. For the most part, I alternated between the 50mm lens and a 85mm lens that a fellow photographer was willing to let me use. For both lens, I kept the aperture at f/1.8, had the shutter speed at 1/250, and placed the ISO at 1250.

Christian Medina

Christian Medina

With only a overhead lamp at the end of the runway, getting good shots were a pretty tough challenge. Some of the models would stop well short of the lamp, making it hard to see them well. Others would stop directly under the lamp, causing a hot spot on their foreheads and shadows over their eyes. I tried different methods to see what would work from my end. As mentioned, I alternated between lens and also took photos from different positions. At one point, I experimented with using the speedlite.

model 3

Model Shea. Took this photo with the 50mm lens.

While the speedlite helped on some photos, I didn’t like how it killed the colors from the other lights and made everything look bland. I was fortunate to use the other photographer’s 85mm lens as it helped to compensate for the crowded room. The first two photos that I posted were shot with that lens as I was positioned at the back of the room. It gave me the tight shot that I would want with the 50mm without having to try to manuever through family and friends of the models.

model 19

Model Yesenia. One of my favorite shots. She was just in the right spot.

During the editing session, I was surprised at how well some of the photos came out. My main concern for these photos was the hotspot that the overhead lamp made on the models. So what I did when it came to tweaking was lower the saturation and increase the vibrance. I figured by lowering the saturation, it would decrease the harshness of the lamp. Then by increasing the vibrance, it would help maintain everyone’s natural color.  So with the results that I got, this was a great learning experience for me as I feel I fared pretty well.


Couture Modeling

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